Reflection Friday: Being in the Right Room

by Julie Diamond Tags:

We love this quote from James Clear’s “3-2-1 Thursday” newsletter: “It’s usually more important to be in the right room … Read More

How Thinking Like a Biologist Can Help You Create and Sustain Change

by Julie Diamond

More often than not – about 70% of the time  – an organization’s efforts to create and sustain significant change … Read More

Reflection Friday: April Edition

by Julie Diamond

Reflection is an essential ingredient for growth, whether personal or professional, and it’s a key component of the Power² Leaderlab … Read More

When In Doubt…Give Back

by Lesli Mones

We’re a few weeks into the New Year, and we’re already seeing social media memes alluding to cancelling 2021: “I’d … Read More

For White Leaders: How to Open a Conversation About Race

by Lesli Mones

Don’t let shame and guilt stop you. Remember, most of us identify with the power we don’t have, not the … Read More

Drop Your Tools

by Julie Diamond

It’s an enormously stressful time. Under stress we grab for the familiar. We double down on our instincts, on what … Read More

The Potential Gift in this Radical Moment

by Lesli Mones

Well it’s been over a month of working from home and social distancing, and we can well imagine the diversity … Read More

The Fear Factor

by Julie Diamond

This post came from a presentation I made at Wildfang’s  first Free Speech event in 2016.  When Emma McIlroy, Wildfang CEO, asked me to … Read More

Give And Receive Feedback That Does More Good Than Harm

by Julie Diamond

Giving and receiving feedback can be as anxiety producing and uncomfortable as a root canal. That’s why many of us … Read More

The Fallacy of Workplace Authenticity

by Lesli Mones

There’s lots of talk lately about the value of authenticity and bringing our whole self to work.  I get it. … Read More