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For White Leaders: How to Open a Conversation About Race June 4, 2020

Don’t let shame and guilt stop you. Remember, most of us identify with the power we don’t have, not the power ...... Continue »

The Potential Gift in this Radical Moment April 20, 2020

Well it’s been over a month of working from home and social distancing, and we can well imagine the diversity ...... Continue »

The Fallacy of Workplace Authenticity June 10, 2019

There’s lots of talk lately about the value of authenticity and bringing our whole self to work.  I get it. ...... Continue »

Not All Conflicts Are Created Equal February 25, 2019

Conflict.  After generations of bad press, there now seems to be a collective agreement that conflict is a good thing. ...... Continue »

Is It Time To Stop Talking About Executive Presence? April 16, 2018

I have worked with senior leaders for a long time. And as an executive coach, I am very aware that ...... Continue »

Knowing You Can Leave January 20, 2018

Back in the day, when I was a relationship therapist, I used to say to my clients, “If you ...... Continue »

Doing What Your Role Demands May 30, 2017

Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” While the kind of advice to women has changed ...... Continue »

Developing Your Executive Presence May 26, 2015

We see a tall person and we swoon So said Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink. He was referring to this startling ...... Continue »

Othering: A Leader’s Kryptonite April 3, 2015

  We’re executive coaches. Our clients are seasoned leaders and experts in their fields; many at the pinnacle of their careers. ...... Continue »

There’s Nothing Like Good Chemistry February 20, 2015

There’s always an element of mystery (and a tinge of fear) when it comes to bringing a group of people together ...... Continue »