Power² Leaderlab Programs

The Power2 Leaderlab is a bold, cohort-based leadership program that accelerates your development and propels you to the next level of leadership. Limited to 20 participants, the program is for women poised to rise higher in their organizations, make a bigger impact, and have a broader influence. This unique program offers you the opportunity to maximize your personal power, grow your capacity to handle the pressures of leadership at the next level, and master your ability to access your best thinking and leadership skills in the heat of stressful or challenging situations.

Delivered by highly qualified leadership consultants, and based on cutting-edge, experiential learning methods, the Power2 Leaderlab is a half-year program dedicated to equipping women leaders with the self-awareness and skills to excel at higher levels of leadership.

The Enterprise Program

Enhance and accelerate the women leaders in your organization. The Power2 Leaderlab program can be delivered into your organization. There are two programs: the ELEVATE program, is for women aspiring to a more senior level of leadership, and the AMPLIFY program is for seasoned leaders looking to broaden their influence in the organization. Both consist of four, two-days off-sites, with coaching and peer group work in between sessions.  The cohort model, limited to a group of no more than 20 women, is designed to intensify and deepen learning by providing cohesion, real-time feedback, and a network of peers across business units and functions. Executive coaches and seasoned facilitators lead the program, offering their expertise, practical tools, and decades of experience supporting leaders to be their be their best. 


Customized Power2 Leaderlab Programs

We provide customized programs tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of your organization and team.  We are happy to work with you to create a program for your specialized needs. Contact us today <link to contact form>

The Curriculum

The Power2 Leaderlab program focus on the following four phases of leader development:

Module 1: Your Leadership Journey

This first module is an introduction to the concepts and practices of Power2. Following the framework of The Hero’s Journey, you will map out the next phase of your leadership journey, identifying your goals, potential obstacles and allies along the way.

Module 2: The Self Aware Leader

Your sense of power is a critical component for how you use your power. This module helps you identify your personal power and “power leaks:” triggers, challenges, and obstacles where you lose your capacity to be effective. You’ll develop skills and tools for functioning effectively under pressure, and maintaining self-control in the face of challenge, criticism, and provocation.

Module 3: The Other Aware Leader

How well can you use your personal sense of power to develop and work with others? This module presents tools for working effectively with conflict, holding challenging conversations, facilitating teams, and other interpersonal challenges

Module 4: The Organizationally Aware Leader 

How effectively do you use your power to influence others, facilitate change, and drive projects in your organization? This module presents tools and skills for becoming organizationally adept and impactful. As our last module, we also work on integrating your learning, applying it to your power project, and making plans for your future leadership development.

Who is the Cohort Program for?

This program is for you, a leader who wants to attain a level of personal and professional mastery, and to accelerate your learning and performance. It is for you if you recognize that, above all, mastering your behavior, beliefs, and motivation are the keys to shaping your career trajectory and ultimately, your success as a leader.

Why Women?

As a woman leader, you recognize that within every interaction is a potential encounter with bias, and with images and expectations related to gender. Thus, every day presents a challenge for you to stay connected to your clarity, best thinking, and purpose. It becomes all too easy to lose contact with your personal power.

Getting grounded in your authenticity and purpose is the most direct path to your personal power. It’s also bottom-line the most important thing you can own and control as a leader. The Leaderlab for women will super-charge your sense of personal power, enabling you to sit confidently in who you are and what you’re about, and to focus on the world you want to create.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to create your world, rather than react or adapt to the one you’re in?
  • Do you sometimes lose focus and effectiveness in the face of stress, opposition, uncertainty, or conflict?
  • Are you an early adopter? A pioneer amongst your peers?

To ensure each participant has the optimum background to benefit from the program, admission is by application only. Applicants will be interviewed either in person or by phone. The program is limited to no more than 20 leaders. Prior completion of a coaching or leadership development program is strongly recommended. We will work to ensure that participants represent diverse racial, ethnic, and business backgrounds in order to enrich the experience for all.

We are confident that the Leaderlab will be an extraordinary journey. But if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your tuition at no cost.