Are you a pioneer?
by Julie Diamond category Learning


  1. Noun. a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.


  1. Verb.  to develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).


We think if you’ve snooped around this site more than once, you’ve got a little pioneer DNA in you.

A pioneer is drawn to new things. They are early adopters. They are the avant garde in the arts. You find them on the ground floor of new movements: Paris in the 1920s, Vienna in the 1910s, Palo Alto in the 50s, Greenwich Village in the 60s.

Pioneers need to be a part of creation. They like beta versions. They know version 2.0 might still have a few bugs or kinks, but they like being the ones who help improve it. For pioneers, the challenge of trying new things and the pleasure of being a creator outweighs the bother of a few kinks. While others want the tried and true polished product, pioneers don’t mind if things are a little unfinished, because they learn by discovery, doing, and making and not just being guided by experts.

And if you’ve got a little bit of that spirit, a little pioneer DNA in you, the Leaderlab is for you. Though we’ve been in this business for a very long time, the Leaderlab itself is new. And even if it weren’t, even if it were a 300 year old, ivy-covered institution, we would still want it to be a bit unfinished, have a bit of wet paint still. Because we want creators. We want people who learn by doing, and joining in. That’s why we call it a “lab” and not a course, program or school.

A lab is a place of pioneering new things. And that’s essential to how adults learn. In fact, we all have a little pioneer in us. It’s the pioneer in us who helps us break free of routines, challenge the status quo, and open up new avenues of learning. Adults – and busy adults in particular – are internally motivated and self-directed, and they need to bring their own life experiences and knowledge to their learning. In the Leaderlab, you’ll learn new and amazing things about yourself and about your leadership, but it’s not going to be delivered to you. It won’t be presented as a fait accompli. It’s going to come from you, from rolling up your sleeves and joining in, from bringing your most curious, creative and pioneering self to the table. 

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