The Potential Gift in this Radical Moment

Well it’s been over a month of working from home and social distancing, and we can well imagine the diversity of experiences you’re having, as you adjust to this new reality. If you’re like us, you’ve been wrestling with constantly shifting feelings and experiences. Practical matters, health issues, family and relationship dynamics, and work priorities all ask a lot of us.

One thing we have in common is that we are forced to face into what matters—and what doesn’t. Things we thought were essential may now not look so very important, and vice versa.

On that note, we wanted to offer you this reflection as a way to help you make the most out of this crisis.

Making the Most of this Time

If you’ve been on the planet for a few decades, you know that change is inevitable, and that to grow and evolve, you have to stay flexible, adaptable, and open to disruption.

Yet, it’s inevitable that in times of relative stability, we become cozy. We act as if things will stay the same forever. We get overly invested in our identities, in the roles we play, and in how we think things should be. We also find ourselves enduring habits that aren’t healthy, and putting off till tomorrow changing things that we know are not working or serving us.

This is a human tendency, because just as we are driven to change and evolve, we are also hardwired to protect against perceived difference and threat. This means we are always navigating these two competing and contradictory tendencies:

  • To protect what is known and familiar and
  •  To evolve into our future self

Of course, the radical shift of this moment can feel like a threat, but the potential gift is tremendous. Times like these are an opening, an opportunity to be more conscious and intentional around what we want to hold onto and protect and what we need to let go of so we can grow and evolve.

Consider and take some time to reflect on the following questions, which you can consider in terms of your personal life, but also your organization or team:

  • What are the things you want to continue to protect and build on?
  • Consider things like your relationships, behaviors, habits, focus, your core vision and values. What are the things you hold sacred?
    What is it time to let go of?  What doesn’t serve you (or those around you) anymore? Consider your relationships, behaviors, habits, focus, and beliefs.  What things need to be dropped in order for you to adapt, grow and evolve?

We’d love to hear about what you discover. Feel free to share with your teams and colleagues—it could spark a great discussion.




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