The Power² Practice

What is Power²?

The Power² Practice

The Power2 Leaderlab programs are based on our concept of Power2, a unique methodology that focuses on the rapid development of personal power. The evidence is conclusive: well-developed personal power enables you to use authority and positional power most effectively, increasing your ability to 

  • Innovate, create, and impact your environment
  • Develop your “superpowers” – your unique capacities to lead under stress, pressure, and personal challenges
  • “Shapeshift,” i.e., be able to adapt and adjust to what the moment requires for the good of the whole
  • Lead through the lens of public perception and social stereotypes
  • Inspire and grow those around you to be powerful leaders.

Why Power? Why Not Leadership?

No one wants to talk about power. Understandably. Power has become a dirty word, conjuring images of coercion and domination. But regardless of whether we talk about it or not, it exists. And poor use of power has a huge—and costly—impact.

Almost every conflict and organizational breakdown revolves either around the misuse of power or the under-use of it. We hold back for fear of reprisal; don’t contribute opinions that could have critical impact; fail to listen to others’ opinions. Or we may be riddled with indecisiveness, unable to give or receive direct feedback, and shut down productive dialogue. These are all issues related to power.

So what is power? Power is simply energy in use. It’s neither inherently bad nor good. The need for power is a natural, fundamental human need to exercise influence over people, processes, and things.

Most people think of power as positional: your place in the hierarchy and the authority and influence you have based on title or status. But truly effective leadership requires personal power as well. Personal power isn’t contingent on your position. It is sourced from within. Personal power is the ability to shapeshift: to access and bring in those parts of yourself you need to successfully navigate and positively influence the diverse contexts within which you engage.

By getting grounded in their personal power, participants will be more able to innovate, create, and impact their environment, and use their positional power most effectively. Our research shows that when these two powers, positional and personal, are combined, one’s capacity for leadership grows exponentially. We call this power squared. A squared leader is a purpose-driven one who uses power effectively. You do what is best for the organization, making truly exceptional things happen.

The Power2 Project

The Power2 Project is the centerpiece of the program.  It comprises your personal vision for leadership and for what you want to create.

You’re sitting in a unique position. You’ve taken on a leadership role, with the resources at your disposal to do incredible things. Your only real limit is you: your beliefs, your stories about yourself, and the limits of your personal power.

What kinds of worlds do you want to create? What do you hunger to accomplish? Together we will help you identify your power project, and a roadmap and process for accomplishing it.  We will guide you in identifying the allies that can support you as well as the obstacles you may encounter along the way.  And the first step on your journey is mastering your personal power. 

If you create the game, you create the rules.

What do you want to create?