Who is the P² Leaderlab for?

The P² Leaderlab program is exclusively for seasoned leaders seeking another level of personal and professional mastery, and who want to accelerate their learning and performance. It is meant for leaders who, above all, understand that mastery requires a deep dive into understanding oneself: the behavior, beliefs, motivations, and habits that can accelerate change, and also those that inhibit it.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you an early adopter? A pioneer amongst your peers?
  • Do you want to create your world, rather than react or adapt to the one you’re in?
  • Do you sometimes lose focus and effectiveness in the face of stress, opposition, uncertainty or conflict?
  • Are you willing to step up and become a mentor?

To ensure participants have the optimum background to benefit from the program, admission is by application only. Applicants will be interviewed either in person or by phone. The program is limited to 12 leaders with more than 8 years of leadership experience. Additionally, prior completion of a coaching or leadership development program is strongly recommended. We will work to ensure that participants represent diverse business and professional backgrounds in order to enrich the experience.

We are confident that the Leaderlab will be an extraordinary experience but if for any reason are not satisfied, we will refund your tuition.

Why are we offering the P² Leaderlab just for women?

For women leaders, each interaction is a potential encounter with bias. Because of this, every situation holds a challenge for you to stay connected to your clarity, best thinking, and purpose. When you are inundated with images and expectations it becomes all too easy to lose contact with your personal power.

Getting grounded in your authenticity and purpose is the most direct path to your personal power. It’s also bottom-line the most important thing you can own and control as a leader. The Leaderlab for women will super-charge your sense of personal power, enabling you to sit confidently in who you are and what you’re about, and to focus on the world you want to create.

Join us on this journey.